Gwnewch y pethau bychain

When you just can’t find the right words…

…the Surrealist Compliment Generator…


Here I go again…



  1. Go one better, and take what the generator gives you, and babelfish it into German.

    “Schrei für die Steifheit des Ohrs. Die Schildkröten werden und die Regenstandplätze noch gefallen. Muß ich mit Ihrer Unterwäsche wie lang leiden?”

    • Oh. My. Excuse me while I have to go outside and shreak in horror.
      (Was that actually anything resembling a compliment, in the original? *giggle*) … And I got such a nice one when trying it -- it might even work …(“In your presence even my shadow acquires the sensation of touch.”)

      • Anonymous

        Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Compliment Generated

        Most of the surrealistic compliments generated on my trips to the site reminded me of
        the bit about if you sit enough monkeys down at enough keyboards for a long enough
        time, you’ll get, eventually, the complete works of Shakespeare out of them. Maybe. If
        you’re really lucky. But you’re also guaranteed to get reams and reams of utter gibberish
        along the way.

        katyhh, on the other hand, was the recipient of something beyond surrealistic -- a truly
        sublime statement. Verrry nice. Count your blessings, lass.

        Ann Onynous (mildly envious

  2. Thank you, autographedcat.

    You are as truthful as a Communist in the streets of Milan. La sola visione dei tuoi magnifici occhi mi fanno diventare ottimista per tutto cio’ che riguarda la mia vita.

  3. Anonymous

    When you just can’t find the fight words…

    How about a search on “Random Insult Generator”? No shortage of hits with that one!

    Ann Onynous (RIGged for silent grinning / ducking / running 🙂

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