Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Day: September 25, 2002

Yes You Are A Groupie…

…and 35 other things every rock critic should know

EDIT 10/05/2005: The link is gone, but the link is forever.


People on rec.arts.comics.strips have been talking about words and symbols being co-opted, and someone talked about a restaurant called “Gay Dan’s” which had an 1890s theme, but which changed its name after the word “gay” became overwhelmingly associated with homosexuality. Someone related this story in response:

> About Gay Dan’s Restaurant: I remember reading
> several years ago that a community in California
> decided to change the name of one of its street
> from “Gay Street” to “Screaming Eagle Drive.”
> The local gay community then announced that they
> were no longer referring to themselves as “gay”
> but that homosexual men would henceforth be
> called “Screaming Eagles.”

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