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Rosemary and Rue in stores now!

My darling cadhla wrote a book, as she is wont to do, and then she had that book bought and published by DAW Books, which had up to this point not been her custom, but its one to which she’s adapting with great enthusiasm.

Today, September 1st, was the “street date” for the first of her October Daye novels to hit the shelves, and I made a special trip at lunchtime to see if they had it.

I found, neatly filed on the shelf, a solitary copy.

I thought this was odd, since I knew they had several copies on order when i spoke to them a month ago, so I grabbed it and found a clerk. “I know this may seem an odd question,” I asked, but do you have any more copies of this book?” he checked, and the computer said they should (and that one copy of their original order had been sold!), so we went looking for it. And it wasn’t on the shelves, and it wasn’t over here and…..oh, *there* they are.

On the featured paperback display!

Happy bookday, sweetie. It’s been a long time coming

Country Response

Country Response
by Rob Wynne
TTTO: “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” by Steve Goodman and John Prine

Well, it was all I could do to keep from dying
Somehow it seems I’m able to remain
You know I’ve always loved you for your body
Right now I only want you for your brain

You don’t have to call me George Romeo
You don’t have to call me James Gunn
You don’t have to call me Simon Pegg anymore
Even so, I think you’d better run

And I’ll chase you down as long as you run from me
I’ve never minded shamblin’ through the rain
You know I’ve always loved you for your body
Right now I only want you for your brain

Well, I polished off the dog for lunch this morning
So now you will not let me in your bed
I really hoped you wouldn’t notice I had changed
Before I started gnawing on your head.

And I’ll chase you down as long as you run from me
I’ve never minded shamblin’ through the rain
You know I’ve always loved you for your body
Right now I only want you for your brain

(Spoken: My friend Seanan McGuire wrote a song. She said it was the perfect Country & Western song. I said it was NOT the perfect Country and Western Song. It doesn’t mention mama. It doesn’t mention prison. There’s not a single train in it. And she said, “Dude, zombies.” Which is, I admit, a fair point.)

Well ever since I went and got myself infected
Ain’t nothing round this town that’s been the same
And I know I’ve never been the perfect husband
But is it fair to give me all the blame?

And I’ll chase you down as long as you run from me
I’ve never minded shamblin’ through the rain
You know I’ve always loved you for your body
Right now I only want you for your brain

This popped into my head in the shower this morning.

The rest of the trip

The rest of my trip was both fun and relaxing. Here’s the highlights.

A brief, semi-grammatical update

Am home. Am safe. Am exhausted. Am in much pain.

However, heart is light and full of joy. Much love.

Am fall down now. More later.

Down and Safe

This has been a trip, thus far, of exceptionally useful voluntary purchases.

I might get rich, you know i might get busted…

I am sitting on a train which will take me to a plane that will take me to a car that will take me to cadhla!

See you all on the flip side!

Ups and Downs, but mostly Ups

  • Our housewarming party was a great success! Thanks to Alice, thatcrazycajun, hilfy, anaisdjuna, joyeuse13, and abovenyquist for coming over!
  • kitanzi and I met up with Alice and thatcrazycajun to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I thought it was a fine film, and the gal playing Luna Lovegood is just spot-perfect. Thumbs up!
  • hilfy came over for dinner Friday night. We had good food, good wine, and good conversation. A very enjoyable evening.
  • We went to see Ben Wakeman play on Saturday. I’ve been a big fan of Ben’s for years, and have even covered a few of his songs in filk circles. He gave his usual great show, and I got chat with him briefly to let him know he has a fan in the UK (bardling: he says hi and thanks!). One funny moment came when he forgot the first line to one of the songs on his new album. After two false starts, he said “Does anyone know the words to this song?” I carefully called out the first line for him, and he said “Thank you!” and launched into it. Later, by request, he did “White Male Folk Singer” and forgot the words to that too. *grin*
  • The check engine light (also known on some models of car as the “set aside $400” light) came on while we were driving back from the concert, and I noticed it was idling funny. We got home OK, but i made plans to put it in the shop on Monday.
  • Our 3rd wedding anniversary was Sunday! We celebrated by going out for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings Cafe, and then went shopping for stuff for the cats. What glamorous lives we lead! Sunday night, we watched the premiere of “Masters of Science Fiction”, an anthology series that ABC has already canceled. Which is a pity, because the debut episode was brilliant. I recommend picking up the 3 remaining episodes if you have a chance, and keep a look out for an eventual DVD release.
  • The auto place called me back this morning, after I dropped the car off yesterday afternoon. The actual thing I took it in for was pretty minor, but there’s about $2600 worth of maintenance that need to be done. Fluid changes, full tune up with new spark plugs and cables, radiator hose, and, most expensively, new struts. We discussed the need and urgency of the various items, and I ended up authorizing them for about $1200 of the repairs. The remaining part will have to be budgeted out over the next few months.
  • Shortly after the car people called, I got a half-hour warning call from the delivery service that was bringing us our anniversary present to each other. We got a king-sized bed from The Original Mattress Factory. This is something we’d wanted for quite some time, because while there was nothing structurally wrong with our queen-sized bed, it had become to small. When I started sleeping with the CPAP, I started sleeping on my back, and suddenly was taking up a lot more bed than I used to. The queen bed will now be the guest room bed, and has already been moved into place. Who wants to come visit?
  • Speaking of visiting, I am going to be in San Francisco on Labor Day weekend! The reason for my trip is to visit cadhla, so I have no idea what sort of availability I may have otherwise, but, hey, y’know, I’m gonna be there all weekend, including Monday. (My return flight leaves at 10:30pm Monday and will land me back in Atlanta at 6am, just in time to go to work on Tuesday morning.) I now proceed to do the bouncy I-get-to-see-Seanan chair dance, which I’m told is very cute in a demented sort of way.
  • kitanzi just e-mailed me to let me know she’d won a pair of tickets to see Peter Paul and Mary at Chastain Park Amphitheatre on Friday! Wheee!
  • My friend Dina, who I have not seen in far too long, is coming down the last weekend of September with her two children, and we’re going to go to the zoo and the aquarium and the pool and who knows what else?

And that’s most of the news that’s fit to print. On the whole, it’s mostly positive, and what isn’t positive isn’t really more than annoying. So I declare it, on the whole, good.

APPEAL: Pretty Little Dead Girl

cadhla is raising money for a friend by diverting her album sales proceeds. Go. Buy. You want these cd’s anyway. And if you already have these CDs, then you want to give a copy to someone who doesn’t.

A fire sale is what you have when the house is on fire and you need to get things out of it, right? ‘Here, buy my stuff before it gets smoke-damaged’. Well, a very good friend of mine has a house that’s on fire right now, and that means I’m having a fire sale to try to help her put it out.

For the next week, all proceeds of sales from my first album, Pretty Little Dead Girl, will be going straight to her and her family, to help them get through a rather nasty financial crunch — basically, she starts her new job in two weeks, but until then, there’s no money to do fun things like ‘feed the resident small child’ and ‘keep the electricity running’. If we can manage to sell forty copies of the album, at $15 a pop, we’ll raise six hundred dollars, and get them through this stupid speed bump.

To order Pretty Little Dead Girl and donate the proceeds, go to:

Put ‘fire sale’ in the comments field. We still have to charge postage (and the international order surcharge, for people outside the US), since I don’t have any money either, but all actual sale-of-CD proceeds will go straight to the donation pool. I’m probably going to do a few art sales or auctions to help this along, later in the week.

Please, feel free to repost this entry, modified as necessary, especially if you have a reading list that differs substantially from mine. The fire sale will run from Thursday, June 28, through Thursday, July 5.

Thank you.

I have to wonder…

If cadhla participates in Blog Like It’s The End Of The World Day…..would anyone notice?

Music You Can’t Live Without

For the benefit of the 40% or so of my friends list who don’t know about this

My dear friend cadhla, who is indeed one of the coolest things in the word either on or off of toast, is wrapping up the recording of her first studio album, Stars Fall Home.

I have already heard several rough mixes from this album. The word “breathtaking” If you like literate, musically challenging, story-oriented music with passion and depth, you want a copy of this album. (If you’re thinking “But, I don’t really like filk music, don’t worry. Seanan’s music is quite accessible to anyone. If you’re not sure, e-mail me privately, and I’ll provide you with a sample or two.)

Lucky for you, you can still pre-order it for a limited time.

Order early. Order often. Operators are standing by.

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