Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Rosemary and Rue in stores now!

My darling cadhla wrote a book, as she is wont to do, and then she had that book bought and published by DAW Books, which had up to this point not been her custom, but its one to which she’s adapting with great enthusiasm.

Today, September 1st, was the “street date” for the first of her October Daye novels to hit the shelves, and I made a special trip at lunchtime to see if they had it.

I found, neatly filed on the shelf, a solitary copy.

I thought this was odd, since I knew they had several copies on order when i spoke to them a month ago, so I grabbed it and found a clerk. “I know this may seem an odd question,” I asked, but do you have any more copies of this book?” he checked, and the computer said they should (and that one copy of their original order had been sold!), so we went looking for it. And it wasn’t on the shelves, and it wasn’t over here and…..oh, *there* they are.

On the featured paperback display!

Happy bookday, sweetie. It’s been a long time coming


You’ve come a long way, baby


Gafilk 12 is coming!


  1. I only know her through people and looking at her blog when I got bored on occasion -- she’s got a fun way with words, yes.

    I really like seeing people succeed and reach their dreams! This is quite a special thing and a special day!

    Much Happiness to both of you 🙂

  2. It slipped out last week at Borders.

    I got mine with a 20 percent off coupon Friday.

    I am such a Seanan fanboi.

  3. Ooh, sounds like a lot of fun, even though it doesn’t sound like the sort of novel I’d normally read. I have made myself a note, and will get a copy as soon as I have money for a new book.

    You’ve done what I have always wanted to do and been too chicken to actually accomplish. You are inspiring. Cherish the day, and congratulations!

  4. That is so very, very awesome. Geo and I looked up the synopsis via Amazon and we both like. Must add that to the list of books to buy!

  5. I ordered mine through the university bookstore. It came in yesterday. I picked it up to night and started reading it on the shuttlebus home. Going back to it in a few minutes; it’s a good read!

  6. If this is a first novel, try to make sure the Baltimore Science Fiction Society knows about it. They give an award every year for best first sf/fantasy novel, and the perks with it are awesome: basically, all expenses paid to come to Balticon for the year you win, and the next year, plus some cash. They’re not adverse to going online and buying copy but a spare copy sent along always makes them happy. (Hey, free book, what’s not to like?)

  7. oh neat -- I picked this up last weekend -- didn’t know it was written by anyone that I might possibly “know” (at least on lj)


  8. I’m starting to get a little overloaded with Rosemary & Rue publicity posts all over my lj f-list, but this one is really sweet. 🙂

    Happy Bookday, dear Seanan! I am delighted to see the dream achieved! *hugs both*

  9. very neat indeed!

  10. How cool! I’ll have to look for it 🙂

  11. I had the same trouble finding a copy… none on the shelves… Oh, right, *there* it is!

  12. VERY cool indeed.

  13. This was *such* a good book. Does she know that people are trying to knit a … one of those cat-like thingies? (I forget the word, it was more than a month ago I read it.)

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