Gwnewch y pethau bychain

We inturrupt this program to bring you this breaking news bulletin

Next week is the normally scheduled night for movie night, but it’s also something else.

kitanzi and I were lamenting not being able to attend aiela and davehogg‘s election night party, and I said “Well, we could just throw our own,” and after some discussion, we decided that would be a fine thing to do this month in place of the usual film. So….

Tuesday, November 4th :: 7pm until whenever :: Rob & Larissa’s Place

We’ll have some popcorn, put the returns up on the big TV, and just generally sit around and chat about whatever moves us as the results come in.

The rules

  1. NO BASHING. I have my biases, and I’m sure you have yours. That said, while I like a spirited debate about politics as much as the next person, I’d like to keep my home a friendly space for anyone to attend.
  2. See rule #1.

Seriously, folks, I want to have a good time with this, and I’m willing to pass the chips to someone willing to sit down with me and have a friendly chat, whether they’re Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Socialists, Monarchists, or whatever you might be. It’s a party, not an inquisition.

Who’s in for it??




REMINDER: Election Party Tuesday Night


  1. We would if we could, but the commute would be a bitch, especially since we bot have to work the next day.

    As it is, we’ve already arranged to have a friend or two over to get drunk while we watch the election. We can either celebrate the outcome, or mourn it. With alcoholic assistance in either case!

  2. Oo, me! Oh, wait… too far… Ah, well.

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