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Being a Gentleman of Leisure – Part 1

Since last week was my birthday, I decided to treat myself to a small vacation, and took Wednesday through Friday off to enjoy some leisure time. A mental health holiday, as it were. It I had quite a good time doing it, too.

On This Day

I couldn’t let the day go by without wishing a happy birthday to my beloved kitanzi, the best wife, partner, lover and friend that anyone could ever hope to have.

Happy birthday, love. I hope it’s full of magic.

Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day set aside for celebrating love. Some people prefer not to think about today for a variety of reasons, some of which I greatly sympathize with. But for myself, I love today, and why wouldn’t I? My cup really *does* runneth over.

To kitanzi: You are still the best friend and sweetie and partner and wife anyone could ever hope for. My life began again when you came into it, and I look forward to looking back on all this in 40 years with you still right there by my side.

To aiela: We were there for each other at our lowest points, and here we are, still there for each other at our highest points. It’s been so wonderful the last few years watching you realizing your dreams, and I was so happy to stand beside you at your wedding.

To sweetmusic_27: One year later, and I adore you more than ever. Your enthusiasm and verve are an inspiration to me, and you’ve helped me hold together at times that I was falling apart. I’m looking forward to another “real date” with you and just plain spending more time being with you.

To cadhla: I can’t actually recall a time since I met you that I didn’t love you madly. You are always a source of joy and wonder to me, and sometimes I’m simply amazed that you love me too, but I never doubt it, because you show me in so many small ways.

To E: We haven’t really had a chance to touch base the last few weeks, but that’s ok. I’m still in no hurry, and we do have world enough and time. You are in my thoughts, and I greatly look forward to the next time I hear your voice.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves. You make my every day better, richer, and more meaningful, and I can’t imagine not having you be a part of it.

Quote of the Evening

We didn’t end up playing D&D last night, because 2 of our players didn’t make it, so it was a couple of hands of Munchkin and general revelry instead. Don won the first game, and I won the second. kitanzi made cookies.

Best exchange of the evening…I forget what I actually quipped to start this:

Don: Yeah, yeah. You’re very funny.
kitanzi: He thinks he is.
Me: *mock pout* Some people seem to like it.
kitanzi: They’re just humouring you, dear.
Me: Oh. (thoughtful pause) Humouring me certainly seems to involve a lot of nudity.

(At which point, kitanzi cracks up and Don gets the look of someone who has lost his place and is trying to figure out where the turn was….*grin*)

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my beloved sweetmusic_27! Hope your day is full of magic, sweetie!

You know you’re in a geek relationship when…

You make an innuendo riffing on an old Electric Company segment.

Your partner says “What is this, an x-rated episode of Sesame Street?”

And you correct them, because it matters…

And they don’t get mad, because they understand.

I love my kitanzi.

Weekend Update: Bucket of Panda

I still need to actually talk about Gafilk and D'Zenove at some point, but I guess I can work backwards.

I took a half day off on Friday so I could go down to the Sleep Clinic for the CPAP orientation, returning home just long enough to drop things off before heading down to North Springs station to pick up aiela, who was visiting for the weekend. Traffic really wasn’t very bad, considering it was five-o-clock, and as a result I got to the station about 40 minutes before Angie did. (Insufferably slow baggage return on her end didn’t help this one bit.) We got back to the house and I made tacos for dinner while we all hung out and talked, and then watched an episode of The Daily Show together. kitanzi decided to make an early night of it, having slept poorly the night before, leaving me and Angie time to catch up with each other.

Saturday morning we got up and had a nice light breakfast of eggs and toast. kitanzi made a quick grocery run, and then, about noon, we all headed down to ZooAtlanta. I realize that it was 40F in the middle of February, but I have to say I’ve never seen the zoo look quite so deserted. The primary reason for our visit was to see the baby panda of course, and when we arrived at the Panda habitat, we found her sleeping in a bucket. Cutest. Thing. Ever. (Click on the picture to see more photos from the Zoo trip) We spent a lot of time in the reptile house, and were fortunate enough to be there when a couple of the zookeepers came around with a chinchilla and a bunny, which they were presenting and allowing folks to pet. If you’ve never petted a chinchilla before, you have no true understanding of the word “soft”. Wow, what amazing fur. I think it looks better on the animal than a coat, though.

We spent about 2.5 hours at the zoo, and while many of the animals were off exhibit due to the cold, we had a good time walking around the park. Once we’d run out of things to see and do, we headed back home I took a two hour nap before dinner, and then we headed over to bedlamhouse and ladyat‘s house for the February Gafia housefilk. Many of the usual suspects were there, including quadrivium, surrdave, thatcrazycajun and singing_phoenix, hawklady, weirdsister and her whole family. sffilk and joyeuse13 and abovenyquist. I was also delighted to see rslatkin attending, because….well, because I’m always delighted to see rslatkin. In addition to the normal crowd, the fellow from PBA30 who had been filming at Gafilk was there with his camera and setup, to get some more footage for the local interest piece he’s doing on filk. It’ll be interesting to see when he’s done.

Played a fair amount, starting off with “All For Me Swag” and “Dungeonville“. At a con, that’d have led to an hour or more of gaming filk, but tonight it went off in another direction. It was a nice, low-key circle, and I wandered in and out of it to socialize with folks in the kitchen as much as playing. (We had a short run of channelling vixyishabovenyquist played “Mal's Song“, which gave me an excuse to pull out “Aural Vixation“. Then someone asked if anyone could play the original “Girl Who's Never Been“, and since I had it right in front of me, agreed to play it. Somewhere in the middle of the last chorus, my voice leapt from my throat and ran from the room, leaving me with a hoarse squeak. Good thing it’s a singalong. *grin*) We had a fabulous time, and eventually headed home around 11:30pm, as I had a slight headache that wouldn’t go away.

Sunday morning, we went to lunch at the Cracker Barrel down the road, It was pretty busy by the time we got there, resulting in a 20 minute wait for a table, but we had a good time browsing the kitsch in the country store and reminiscing about candy we used to get as a kid that now only seems to exist in places like the Cracker Barrel Country Store. We finally got seated, and found ourselves in the hands of a wonderful waitress. Not only was she seriously cute (ever notice how no one is ever humorously cute?), but she was right on the spot with our orders and keeping our drinks filled. I’d have taken her home with us if I could, but since that probably wasn’t an option, I made sure that in addition to leaving a good time, we asked to speak to the manager when we left and gave her glowing praise. Servers like that really make a meal more enjoyable all around, and it’s nice to make sure they get the recognition they deserve.

The rest of Sunday early afternoon was spent with me and aiela snuggling on the couch and being insufferably cute (or so kitanzi assures me). When the time came, I drove her down to the airport and we said goodbye, and she got on her plane and went home, and I came home, and that was the weekend. (I did get to have a nice long phone conversation with sweetmusic_27 that evening. She baked at me. It was brilliant fun.)

As weekends go, it’s really hard to beat faraway sweetie snuggles, music in good company, and a bucket of panda.

(Edit: serenejournal turned the photo into an icon! Glee!)

Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is as good a day as any to look about my life and notice that it is full of love and light, and that I am wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice when it comes to personal relationships. I could spend all day listing all the people who mean the world to me and why, but in keeping with the traditions of the day, I want to especially recognize my dearest sweeties:

sweetmusic_27: it’s been six weeks since you said “Welcome to my life”, and whether you realize it or not, you have brought me immeasurable joy by doing so. Even though you are far away from me now, you are ever in my thoughts and in my heart, and I look forward to the time we can next spend together.

aiela: I look back on where we both were when we met. Another world, and a lifetime away. Could you ever have imagined we’d end up where we are? Thank you for being part of the journey out of the darkness, and here’s to many more years of walking in the light.

kitanzi: My wife, my partner, my dearest companion. You are the foundation upon which my life is built, the star by which I navigate, and the home to which I will always return. You make everything I am possible.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves.

Meme-archy in the UK

I am in London, safe and sound, and with only a small bit of drama. I have napped, so I don’t even feel like the walking dead anymore. But I will post about all that later. This is a memepost:

My Valentinr - autographedcat
Get your own valentinr

Typo inspired neologism

I type very well, though you’d not know it to chat with me on IM.

So I’m having a conversation with rslatkin about relationships, and particularly long-distance ones. I pointed out that I haven’t actually started a non-LDR in over 15 years, though it wasn’t on purpose. I wrote: “I don’t seek out LDRs. i don’t tend to seek relationships at all. i tend to meet people, get to know them, eventually realize there’s a lot of connection, and the relationship just evoloves.”

Now, “evoloves” was a typo, but it’s just begging to be a word, so I thought about it and formulated this:

Evolove (v): undergo the process by which a friendship turns into a romantic relationship over a period of time, often without the direct effort or intention of the parties involved. 🙂

I’ve been happy with the way things have been evoloving in my life recently.

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