Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Meme-archy in the UK

I am in London, safe and sound, and with only a small bit of drama. I have napped, so I don’t even feel like the walking dead anymore. But I will post about all that later. This is a memepost:

My Valentinr - autographedcat
Get your own valentinr


Gaming Night: Out of Context Theatre


Leaving home for home


  1. My love to you but I won’t sign up for a wishlist account. 🙂
    Lots of love to Gavin and Gwen too ok!? I really love that kid (who is almost an adult now sheesh!)


    • This might help . . .

      “Anonymous valentines can be sent without registering on the site and are not signed in any way, though nothing prevents the sender from hinting or stating outright who he or she is.”

      Apparently, “not signed in any way” means that you must type in your own name at the end, if you want it to be there. The horror! So much extra work! 🙂

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