Earlier tonight, the power went out. Our whole block was apparently affected, despite the fact that it wasn’t unusually hot and there wasn’t a cloud for miles. After about an hour, the power came back up.

My computer didn’t.

it would boot up normally as far as starting windows, and then just went to a light blue screen. No text, no errors, no…anything. I tried unplugging everything except the video lead and power, thinking it might be a misbehaving USB device (this has happened in the past), but no luck.

To be fair, my video card has been acting a bit flaky of late, so I was beginning to suspect that it might be in need of replacement soon. In the meantime, I rummaged around in my desk drawer and managed to extract a replacement.

So I’m currently up and running on an nVidia GeForce 7600 GT, a video card that was state of the art when I bought it six years and two computers ago.

Ah well. I get my first paycheque on June 15th, and then I can see about getting something that will at least let me finish Portal 2. (Sometime in the not-too-distant future, I planned on replacing the entire system, but what I want costs a bit more than I’m ready to just drop yet, especially with at least three out of state trips in the next few months.