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Home from Gafilk

kitanzi and I have made it home with all of Gafilk’s sound equipment and other assorted gear. museinred and decadentdave drove up in hawklady‘s truck, and are now heading back to the hotel, with hopes of heading out tomorrow to AL. Several people who couldn’t get away on Monday got out today.

The ATL roads are still very uneven, even with a day above freezing for stuff to start melting. The worst driving I saw was when we’d hit a clear patch of pavement and everyone would suddenly assume that it was okay to zoom up to highway speeds, only to have to slow back to a crawl at the next icy sections.

The GA400 ramp looked like a ski jump from down the highway. Going over it was a slow affair, since there were basically a couple of tread-width patches clear up the centre of it, and the rest was still covered.

I don’t think we got over 40mph the entire trip, and spent most of it between 15-25. But we’re home safe, and home is nice.

I’m still running a check-in thread for people to let us know they got home safely. Sign in if you haven’t.

Hope to see everyone next year. We’ll make an effort to have less weather. 🙂


Gafilk: checkin request


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  1. Glad you both got home safely, and best wishes to the others who have made it or are still in the process!!

  2. Hooray! You’re safely home!

  3. It was good to hear you were home. And thanks for everything!

  4. Psst. I just just realized that I’d never emailed you RE: membership. I just tried, only to discover that I apparently don’t have your email address in a place my house-eaten brain can easily locate.

    Is it too late?

  5. Hi Rob,

    I am glad you guys are back safely. It was a little scary in places for us too, but Wesley and I are back safely too. *hugs* to you and Larissa!

  6. Thanks for the update. We’re home safe to the middle of a snowstorm!

  7. Well, you didn’t have far to go, but I bet it was a tiring, white knuckle drive. What high percentage of accidents happen within how few miles of home? But you’re both home OK, a Good Thing. 🙂

    Oh, and I’m bracing for 12 to 18 inches up here later tonight and during the day, with 40 or so mph winds. But *I* do not have to go anywhere beyond the mouth of the driveway until Thursday. Praise the Lowered and pass the snow shovel. 🙁

    Catch up on some sleep before it’s back to work, ya hear? 🙂
    Ann O.

  8. Thank you for a great convention and I will be back again next year.

  9. Made it home yesterday evening. Delays on both ATL and ORD flights, but they were just delays and not cancellations, so I can’t complain. What I can complain about is I had altogether too much fun and was treated altogether too kindly this year at GAFilk. Work on it. And thank you.

    Now, to re-lose the 14 pounds I gained on this trip!

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