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Gafilk: checkin request

I’ve seen some folks posting that they got home okay, but since I’m still at the convention hotel and haven’t had a chance to thoroughly look through LJ yet, I figured I’d just post a general request here for people to leave a comment and let me know they got home okay.

More on the con later. I hope everyone had a wonderful time, despite the weather!


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Home from Gafilk


  1. Just got back to my apartment. The trip was somewhat eventful--the airport was open, lit, but very empty, which was disconcerting; the plane boarded about fifteen minutes late, waited to be de-iced, then finally took off, and waited on the runway at La Guardia for a gate assignment--but I can’t complain, since I’m actually home.

    Thanks for a great convention, and I look forward to seeing all of you (or, “y’all,” I suppose) again.

    Oh, and is that link to American Edit I promised you.

  2. You probably saw my post about getting home on Sunday night but I figured I’d check in anyway. I had a completely lovely and clear drive and it confirmed (as have a number of LJ and facebook postings) that I made the right choice, though I do feel bad about cutting out early as well as missing you all!!!

    I do love Gafilk more every year I attend :)!


  3. Chuck Bishop, Rick Helmich, Joe Abbott, and I, all got home safely about 10 p.m. Sunday. We met the snow about halfway home.

  4. Roads were fine Sunday night. Trapped at home now, but that’s OK. I’ve seen posts from T & G and Brian.

  5. Hmm…technically, I am unable to report that I have gotten home OK. Can’t do that until late Friday night or Saturday morning.

    I can, however, report that I made it to Orlando on time last night. So I am in fact where I’m supposed to be at the moment, which is at $EMPLOYER’s annual trade show.

  6. I also am not technically “home” yet, but my drive on Sunday to stay with relatives in Florida was safe and uneventful. I was very bummed about missing the dead dog, but it looks like I made the right choice. I had a great time at the portion of GAFilk I did attend, though.

  7. I am home, safely. It took fourteen hours, but. It was kind of a badge of honor that I escaped ATL today. People applauded when we finally took off. 8)

  8. thanks for the “OFFICIAL” list. i was not sure how amy was getting home. since i never saw her except at seanans concert, i wanted to know at least she was back home.

    keep up the great job you do. hopefully things will start melting soon.

    my cats really enjoyed by being available for them today.

  9. Just saw teh Mrgoodwrath got home, Crystal and Steve got on their 6:25am flight, but not update yet. I have a 5pm (aprox) flight home, so we all shall see.

  10. We left at about 1:30pm Sunday for our 12 hour drive back to Columbus (tx). we were ahead of the really bad weather …only had some rain in Alabama and it was never a downpour. Once we reached I-10 it was dry (and above freezing) Got Home at about 2am. Thanks for asking.

  11. I got out of ATL by the skin of my teeth. For some reason they decided to oversell my flight, so they told me they couldn’t guarantee me a seat. Since we were supposed to get on our plane so that can fly to CA today for business purposes, and then meet me in MA on Friday, I said that he should fly without me if it came to that.

    Thankfully someone canceled and I got on the flight. On the one hand, being stuck in GA wouldn’t have been bad with all y’all there, but getting home the day before I had to fly to MA wouldn’t have been great.

  12. Cat Faber reporting in: home safe in eastern Tennessee as of 6:30 pm Sunday.

    Roads clear and dry all the way at that time. (2:30-6:30 pm heading north on I-75 then the last hour east on I-40 and state highway 11E)

    Thanks for your concern, and thanks for everything you do to make GaFilk such a wonderful con.

  13. Clark Wierda & Margaret Bumby made it home on Sunday. We left (just) early enough to fly out only an hour or so late, only shortly after the storm started.

  14. Steve and Crystal are safely in DC.

  15. and I made it home without trouble by leaving early.

  16. hms42 safely home

    He just called from the bus en route home from the airport & asked me to post. It sounded like everyone else who had been stuck got home [or at least out of Atlanta] safely.

  17. Made it back home about 4 pm today. To find that my husband had actually painted out living room a lovely shade of tan, the wonderful man. We’ve been talking about it forever -- but it was a real surprise to walk into the house and see it done. 🙂

    My Air Canada/Jazz flight was originally scheduled to leave at 11:20 am on Tuesday because I stay over an extra day to meet a voice over friend of mine -- but unfortunately, due to the weather, he was unable to make it. Instead, I spent a lovely day with the folks at GaFilk that were still there, so it was still a very pleasant day. I left early this morning (was up and waiting for the shuttle around 8am) to make sure I managed to get through security in plenty of time. The airport was pretty empty. The flight left at noon instead of 11:20, but was off the ground when they said we would be (they kept us regularly updated, which I greatly appreciated).

    In fact, the plane had arrived directly from Toronto, dropped off some folks, then directly boarded all us befuddled Canadians back into its loving embrace again and brought us home. 😉

    So all in all, I managed to escape fairly unscathed. And I now have somewhat more reason for preferring Air Canada over other airlines (not to mention that they don’t charge extra for 1 item of checked luggage).

    Glad to hear that others are making it home now too!

  18. On the train to my parents (where my car is), just leaving NY Penn.

  19. And and the girls picked me up from Milwaukee and we got home about 8:30 PM after dinner.

  20. Home

    Our 6:00 pm flight to Toronto took off as planned. Now safely home -- via a pick-up from our daughter and son-in-law -- even though there is a a very big snowstorm in Hamilton.

    Judith had already posted, but I thought I should post here.


  21. I dont see a post from chaioticgoodchick/ sue and i dont know if she posted to filk.

    she did get home about 1030pm
    after american invited her to fly at 915pm on wednesday after the 6th reschedule they finally gave her a voucher for a united flight that left before the departure time 1/3 full. go figure

  22. We’re going to try installing the new battery in museinred’s car soon, settle up the extra extension costs with the hotel, then pray the refreeze-icing is not as bad on the roads as feared.

    It’s sort of weird that the last one to get out will be concom that lives less than an hour away. Then again, we locals don’t have airports de-icing our transports and roads.

  23. Back Home Again In Indiana

    We got back yesterday afternoon about 4 PM, fairly easily all things considered (one issue where we stood in line in Atlanta for over an hour, but otherwise fine).

    Here we have snow, but it is just snow (no underlying ice), and I am happy to see it.

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