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Towards a More Personal and Productive Journal

Over the last couple of years, the amount of updating I’ve done in this space has been limited both in quantity and in content.  There were some things I was going through that I really didn’t want to talk about in public, and as a result, I ended up no talking about anything much at all.

This distresses me for a number of reasons.  I really value the community of friends I have here, and I feel I was drifting out of touch as a result of not being as “plugged in” here.  The trouble is that inertia is difficult to overcome.  Having been away so long, it somehow feels disingenuous to just pick up again without noting that I was away and it becomes easier and easier to just put it off.

I’m entering the second half of my fourtieth year.  I feel slightly restless.  I am not content with myself.  I crave change, growth, and transformation.  My soul is hungry for connections both old and new.

All of this to say…I intend to write more often here.  I cannot say about what.  Whatever interests me.  When I started this journal in 2001, I expected it to be an essay platform more than a personal journal.  Over the years, it has been both, but of late it has been neither.  So consider this a rededication.  Some of what I write here may be simply personal reflections and meditations, reports of my weekend, or other triviality, but it’s better than just a random link every couple of days without any original content.

I also hope to recommit to my politics blog, which after a noble attempt to launch fell quickly silent, mostly due to my inability to keep up with the information inflow that allowed me to write at the level I wanted.  I’m hoping to begin writing there again as well, and I’m pondering my old ambitions to something in the field of journalism, though I’m not yet sure what form that will take.

Of all the things I’ve done in my life, writing and music have given me the most satisfaction.  Time to elevate those two pursuits back to the top of my priority list.  That way, I am convinced, lies happiness.


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  1. I know how you feel; it can be tough to keep the momentum going on writing, especially when it seems like so much “unnecessary extra” when compared to the day-to-day stuff we have to do to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. I’ve had some success with doing prompt-based writing community stuff that gives me a reason to write, but I know that those things may no work for everyone.

  2. Welcome back.

    People go through periods of more or less prolific-ness. I recall one year when my subject line was “Still Alive” three or four times in a row.

    But I would love to hear from you more often; I always enjoy it.

  3. My posts fell off this year, too. Welcome back. Always good to read you.

  4. It’ll be good to hear more from you again.

  5. I haven’t felt much like blogging either for the past couple of months. Been depressed, pulled myself out of it, working on decluttering while I’m unemployed — same old, same old.

  6. I for one, welcome our new IncreasedLJPosting overlords

  7. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  8. Whatever you choose to write about, I’ll be glad/appreciative to read :).

  9. I’m rooting for you on the writing front. I know that it comes and goes in cycles -- one of the things that got me working again was the challenge to write a 20 page ebook in a week. Would a Kitanzi issued challenge work for you?

  10. I’m going to *second* most of the above Comments.

    Let it flow.
    Ann O.

  11. I had something similar with GaFilk, having fallen into a bit of a rut the last few years. Not that I didn’t have a good time, but it wasn’t as much fun as I’d’ve liked it to be. This year, I determined to approach the old con with a new heart and had the best time I’ve had in years. It sounds like something similar might work with you on LJ.

    Good luck!

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