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’30 Rock’ biggest ethics violator on TV – The Marquee Blog – Blogs

Get the feeling someone at Global Compliance figured out a way to get their employer to pay for them to watch TV all day?

Seriously, I went into the wrong line of work…

’30 Rock’ biggest ethics violator on TV – The Marquee Blog – Blogs

If you think your co-workers are a handful, take a good look at the characters on your favorite shows. A recent study conducted by Global Compliance found that most people on TV are hardly politically correct, constantly violating ethics in the workplace.

The biggest offender? “30 Rock,” which averages 11 violations per episode. On one show, Jack (Alec Baldwin) comments that a “chick lawyer” who handles sexual harassment presentations is “asking for it.” According to Global Compliance, which is devoted to helping organizations achieve the highest degree of ethical behavior, Jack’s remark violates Diversity, Equal Opportunity, and Respect in the Workplace.


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  1. Much of mainstream TV humor is about insulting and being sexually offensive to and about women.

    You actually didn’t go into the wrong line of work. Those jobs are hard to come by. I got paid to watch TV for a very long time, but then when that gig ended there was not a big market for my skills.

    If you did want to pursue this field, there are some opportunities. You could work for a monitoring service that pays people to record and watch TV to see if their commercials are actually shown.

    • I think in the specific case of the Alec Baldwin character, part of the point of the whole thing is that he’s a sexist idiot. They’re not insulting women, they’re insulting cads by holding him up as a buffoon that no one would possibly want to be like.

      My incredulous reaction to the study really was based on the idea that their findings seem to amount to: “Stunning Discovery: Water is Moist!”

  2. Hello! I wanted to drop you a note that this is Deborah, Seanan’s friend! We met at the hotel room in Gafilk, over a deluxe sandwich from Chickfila.

    Love the username!

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