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All Patriots ‘Know’ that Moses Wrote the Constitution – Garrett Epps – National – The Atlantic

If you ever hear stuff about the Constitution emanating from the fringe that makes you think “WTF?”, here’s a peek into where (some of it) is coming from.

All Patriots ‘Know’ that Moses Wrote the Constitution – Garrett Epps – National – The Atlantic

But what’s striking is how much these people hunger to understand America and its Constitution. “I have a master’s degree,” one man said to me, “and nine-tenths of this information I never got in any formal education. That’s not good when you live in a country that you don’t understand.” There’s a palpable yearning for tools to understand and change the terrible mess we’re in.

Given that curiosity, it’s quite striking that the seminar, which begins at 8:30 a.m., takes until 1:30 to get to the actual Constitution.

That’s because we have to learn the basic truth about the Constitution: God wrote it. It comes directly from the government instituted by Moses when he led the Children of Israel out of Egypt. That system was re-instituted in England around 450 A.D. by the Anglo-Saxon rulers Hengist and Horsa. The Founding Fathers, led by Thomas Jefferson, copied the Constitution directly from the “ancient constitution” of the Anglo-Saxons.


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  1. I don’t think I have anything more eloquent than WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!

  2. Since Moses did not write the Ten Commandments, but merely transcribed them, this could not be.

    OTOH, we all know that secretaries DO run the world…


  3. Hangthis Horseshit!

  4. The degree to which I want to DEMOLISH THIS SHIT is kind of scaring me.

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