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If A TV Show Turns 50 And No One Notices… : NPR

If A TV Show Turns 50 And No One Notices… : NPR

The theme song to TV’s My Three Sons is a tune all but guaranteed to start your toes tapping — and it may even conjure up long-dormant images of the animated opening credits, where cartoon toes were actually tapping.

There’s value in old shows like that one, not just because the best of them were and are entertaining but because they provide a snapshot of what we were, what we accepted and what, in some cases, we aspired to become.

I mention this not because of a general wave of nostalgia, but because of a very specific wave: Last Wednesday, My Three Sons, a gentle ABC sitcom starring Fred MacMurray as a single father raising three boys, turned 50 years old. I would say it celebrated its golden anniversary, except I couldn’t find any celebration.


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  1. I remember My Three Sons, although I haven’t seen an episode since the seventies.

  2. I remember that show…but…he was a single dad? That little wrinkle just seems to have zoomed right by my little-kid self!

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