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Jenna is Home

She’s hiding under the bed and not talking to us at the moment, but she is home and seems to be in reasonably good shape. We have a variety of medicines for her, and we’ll get a call as soon as the biopsy results come in.

Thanks again for all the good thoughts.


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  1. Prayers and energies heading your way…

    We will keep Jenna in our prayers, and healing energies heading your way for her. Here’s hoping the results are benign and the healing is full and swift.

    aka RhainyC

  2. ah, the post-vet shunning. hope she feels better.

  3. Exceedingly good news! A kitty’s gotta chill and do the inner kitty self healing… and of course you must be punished for delivering her into the clutches of those barbarians.

    May good thoughts continue to lift her into the grace of better health 🙂

  4. I think hiding after you took her to that evil vet place is normal. 🙂 I’m glad she’s home and doing well.

  5. *hugs* What kind of medicines does she have?

    When ScriptKitty had a lump removed a few months ago, she was given some kind of injection post-surgery, and then some kind of narcotic-type painkiller for the next few days. I don’t remember the name off-hand, but the office people joked about it being “kitty Vicodin” and “feline demoral”. I was warned it would make her a bit high and groggy, and to make sure she had it with food.

    It worked *wow*. I mixed it with canned food (which she gobbled down as fast as possible), and she was purring and happy within 10 minutes. She spent most of her time sunning and sleeping, but she was stretched-out sleeping, and usually purring and kneading whenever I looked at her. It was flat-out amazing given how nervous this cat (one of the feral abuse-case rescues) usually is.

    It was such a big difference in the cat’s comfort level compared to our other cat’s lumpectomy which had shot + some different type of pills.

    I’d spend that $30 again in a flash to give a cat that kind of relaxing healing lack-of-stress post-op. It’s not that I *want* them stoned, but wow what a difference in the cat’s comfort level and recovery.

    Anyhow, enough blather, and fingers crossed for a good diagnosis.

  6. Fingers still crossed, and glad she’s home safe and sound in the meantime.

    I have to ask, though…. did you name her after the Jane Yolen book?

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