From aiela, via madlori, the 30-Day TV Meme.

Day 02 – A show that you wish more people were watching


Most of the TV shows I watch these days are reasonably popular, and most are well into or past their third or fourth season, and not showing any immediate signs of going off the air. Castle has, in fact, been picked up for a third season, which is delightful news. But I’m picking it anyway, for a variety of reasons.

  1. It stars Nathan Fillion. As I mentioned yesterday, I was a big fan of Firefly, and I’m always pleased to see those actors get really good roles. (I’m not consistant about actually watching them, mind you. I never watched The Sarah Conners Chronicles despite Summer Glau’s participation, and I can’t quite seem to muster up any interest in V either, even with Morena Baccarin.)
  2. Stana Katic, the actress who plays Castle’s partner Kate Beckett, is delightful. She manages to find the perfect blend of qualities that make her an engaging and real character.
  3. It’s a good old-fashioned buddy-cop show. Now, I love me a good procedural, and CSI:NY is still on my weekly must-watch list, but sometimes I like my crime show a bit less technical. (And to be fair, the CSI shows have gotten slightly less technical as time has gone on.)
  4. It has, hands down, one of the best father-daughter relationships I’ve seen on television. I think my favourite scenes in the show have involved the wonderful interactions between Rick Castle and his daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn). These subplot scenes add a great deal to the depth of the character; they show us that Castle does, in fact, have a serious side, and this helps to keep him from become a caricature.
  5. On a personal note, a very dear friend of mine is the show creator/head writer’s sister, so I’ve been pulling for it just because I know his success makes her happy.

I was delighted to get the news that Castle would be returning for a third season, and if you haven’t given the show a try, I highly, highly recommend it.