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Update on Jenna

Well, she came through the surgery with flying colours, and was awake and eating late this afternoon. They’re keeping her overnight, but we should be able to bring her home tomorrow.

The surgeon said there was no mass as was suggested on the ultrasound, though the colon was thickened and abnormal, and there are signs of lymphoma. We’ll know more when they get the biopsy back. At any rate, there are hopeful signs at this stage.

Thank you all for your kind wishes and support. It means a lot to all of us.


Good thoughts requested


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  1. Boosting good thoughts stream Jenna’s way.

    Because a convalescing cat can never have too many good thoughts, IMHO.

  2. Hugs, commiseration, and continued wishes of good luck.

  3. Oh, hopeful is good. I hope, too, that it’s something easily treated and/or benign.

  4. Good to hear she rocked her surgery & things are less scary and more hopeful!

    I’m sure she’ll come home to a gentle and healing welcome.

    Kitty Health Vibes o’ plenty!

  5. I guess there are hopeful signs at this stage -- Jenna is recovering well and there was no mass. But lymphoma is a type of cancer. I’ll cross my fingers (and my eyes and arms and legs) and let’s see what the biopsy reveals. Did I mention that, judging by the picture in your earlier post, she’s quite the beautiful creature?

    Let us hope.
    Ann O.

  6. More *hugs* to you two and good thounghts for the feline…

  7. I’m glad it went well. Healing wishes to the adorable kitty.

    Apologies for not seeing the earlier post!

    Call if you need to; this is likely my only computer time for the day.

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