Gwnewch y pethau bychain

And suddenly the crystal hits the floor…

I take a pause this morning to remember two friends, both of whom are gone from our lives far too soon.

Canadian filker John Caspell passed away suddenly, while recovering from a motorcycle accident. I wish I could say I knew him well, but I never really got the chance. But he was always a warm and friendly presence at any convention I saw him at, and I will miss hearing him in circles. He was very dear to many people who are dear to me, and I will miss him.

Fantasy author Tom Deitz was one of the first people I met when I moved to Athens in 1989. He was an old college friend of stars_and_magic, and was a fixture at the frequent parties and gatherings we attended. He suffered a heart attack some weeks ago, and never fully recovered. He had a very wry sense of humour that I always appreciated.


We were filkers once, and young


First of May


  1. I discovered Tom Deitz’s books by happenstance in the university bookstore when I lived in Columbus (the Ohio one not the Georgia one). I bought one because my insurance agent had the same name, and I bought the rest because I liked the first one. I’m sad to learn of his death, but at the same time happy to hear of him as a person. If that makes sense.

    • I still remember the first time I met Tom in passing, at a convention in Columbus, GA (interestingly enough), shortly after his second novel was published. We were both browsing in the dealer’s room, and struck up a random conversation, as you do. We’d been chatting for a few minutes when I noticed his nametag and realized he was one of the author guests at the con. I said, “Btw, it’s nice to meet you. I’m afraid I haven’t had a chance to read any of your books yet.” He looked sheepish and said, “That’s ok. I don’t expect anyone to have read my books.”

  2. Tom was always a presence we could count on when we started PhoenixCon (in Atlanta, for those of you confused by the name. It’s a long story.) I was startled to hear of his passing, as I always think of all of us being just as young and foolish as we were back then.

  3. Thanks for mentioning Tom’s passing. It’s still hard to think about. There’s been too many deaths in my life of late.

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