Gwnewch y pethau bychain

First of May

Everyone else posted links to Jonathan Coulton’s “First of May”, a song I truly love, so I figured I didn’t need to. But then redaxe posted THIS, and I had to share it.

NSFW, obviously:


And suddenly the crystal hits the floor…




  1. That’s cool! I went and watched his performance of “Still Alive” too and that was amazing.

  2. That….was perfect.

  3. SO WRONG.

    Also, I learned a new sign. Most excellent. I love the background singers using it during the chorus 🙂

  4. considering my stepmother 1) works for LifeWay 2) was all about learning sign language and signing hymns, bad duality really wants to send this to her.

  5. Eeee! Eeee!! Hee-heeee!!!

    Ahem. Fascinating use of ASL. The linguist in me thinks…

    Eeee! Eeee!! Hee-heeee!!!

  6. As far as I can tell, in ASL people “meet” with one finger but “f—” with two? Otherwise the signs seem the same…

  7. That was freaking awesome. has been nudging me to go watch it. I’d been putting him off because a) gotta find a kid-free time, and b) I’m honestly not wild about the song. I like it better now. That guy is VERY talented. I have been watching his other videos and I’m impressed. It’s really fired back up the desire I’ve had for many, many years to go back to school somewhere sometime and study for an ASL interpreter’s certification.

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