Periodically (currently, about once every nine months), readers of the newsgroup alt.polyamory have a little convention to meet up in real space and hang out, socialize, and generally be among themselves. The organization of these conventions is ad-hoc and the location moves around, so it’s generally depending on someone to step up and say “I’ll do it.”

Some months ago, someone said “We should have one in the Southeast. Maybe in Atlanta!” and I, with a foolish lack of thought, said “If you want to do that, I know a hotel.”

The person who made the original proposal disappeared into the ether, and it all might have ended there, until Aahz pings me and says “Are you still thinking of running APC 17 in Atlanta?” Showing the amazing lack of self-preservation instinct that got me on Gafilk’s concom in the first place, I said “Could do.” Fortunately, other crazy people stepped forward to help me organize things, most notably the lovely okoshun, without whom I’m reasonably certain I’d have never gotten anything done.

This past weekend was the actual event, and while it was sparsely attended (lousy economy), it was a tremendous amount of fun. There was much socializing, and much interesting conversation, it was tremendous fun to finally meet several people that I’d only previously known online. There was a great deal of relationship geeking (as you’d expect at the programming of a convention themed around polyamory), and the traditional decadent brunch, which I’m assured was up to the standards expected by the regulars. (Those of you who were at Gafilk’s banquet this past year will know the quality of the food I’m talking about. I used the same hotel.)

So here’s to new friends and old, and a lovely social weekend filled with food for both thought and belly.