Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Down and safe

kitanzi and I got home about 2:30pm, and have since been fed and watered.  All is well.  Con report to follow.

As is my habit, I have collected all of the LJ reports regarding OVFF here.  Please link me to any I’ve missed, to create the most complete record possible.  Thanks!


I hate to say goodbye




  1. I posted a con report here. And posted a brief con report here.

  2. Hooray for going and returning safely! It’s been such fun watching all the ‘back from OVFF, had a grand time’ posts across my friendslist.

  3. There are a few chez . (Sorry for not linking each individual post; our plane from Minneapolis to Seattle is about to board.)


  4. I posted a con report type thing, but forgot to bring the URL with me. Also, I can’t find the Boston drivers post either. However, you mentioned an LJ download tool, and if I use that, I can run a text search and then I should be able to find it for you. Was good to see you at the con! -H…

  5. On top of the picture posts, I’ve now added an assorted selection of memorable moments. (Calling them ‘highlights’ would imply an amount of evaluation that didn’t happen.)

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