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Movie Night

Just a reminder that it’s the first of the month, and that means movie night! Due to some changes in schedules, we’re moving movie night from Wednesday to Thursday. So don’t show up tonight, because there’s no movie tonight. The movie is tomorrow night. There will be popcorn. Maybe baked goods. And good company. And a movie.

Movie night is Thursday, October 2nd. See you then!


Update on Bizarro Library saga


First things first


  1. What, no VP debate party?!?

  2. you’re skipping the VP debates?

    • I can get the theatre in the highlight reels. I’m not remotely undecided, so I don’t really need to watch them to figure out who I’m going to vote for.

      • i’m watching more out of morbid curiosity than anything.
        will he attack her? will he snap? will she flub?
        i suppose i really have better things to do…

  3. Joyce, Z, and I are headed out of town Thursday night for FenCon, but we’ll be thinking of y’all.

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