After watching Obama’s speech and The Daily Show last night, we had the following conversation:

kitanzi: Come to bed, silly.
autographedcat: Ok, I’ll come to bed. But I warn you, I want snuggles.
kitanzi: Can I sleep while you’re snuggling?
autographedcat: That’ll be hard. You’re the only person in the house to snuggle with.
kitanzi: We have two cats.
autographedcat: Yes, but they’re often very….particular about their snuggling.
kitanzi: Oh. Are you saying I’m easy then?
autographedcat: Nooooo.
kitanzi: Oh. So you’re saying I’m difficult?

…at which point we both collapsed into helpless giggles.


kitanzi: Do you love me?
autographedcat: I do! I do!
kitanzi: Do you love me more than ice cream?
autographedcat: I do.
kitanzi: Wow.
autographedcat: I love you more than carmel and chocolate ice cream.
kitanzi: That’s a lot.
autographedcat: I love you more than Coldstone Creamery ice cream with bits of fruit in.
kitanzi: Stop it. You’re making me hungry.
autographedcat: Sorry.
kitanzi: It’s ok. Not like I can get that at quarter-to-mindnight.
autographedcat: You could get Ben and Jerry’s. They sell that in the supermarket.
kitanzi: You realize you’re perilously close to being sent out for ice cream by your wife, right?
autographedcat: (silence)
kitanzi: Hah. That shut you up, didn’t it?
autographedcat: Would there be sex involved?
kitanzi: Not tonight, no, sorry.
autographedcat: (rolling over) Then go get your own damn ice cream.

…at which point I was (deservedly) hit by a pillow, but with more giggling.

We laugh a lot. It’s one of the ways I know we’re alright.