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serenejournal said “Reply to this, and I’ll pick seven of your LJ interests, and ask you to explain them. So here they are.


Way back in 1998, when folks in fandom were getting on Fandom in a big way, there was a service called . TalkCity was a dedicated IRC service with an easy to use web-interface that let people create and moderate chat channels. Debbie Ohi (ohiblather) decided to start up a chatroom for the filk community. She named the channel FilkHaven, punning on Leslie Fish’s “FanHaven” project. Several of us were hanging out there, up until the point that TalkCity decided to disallow IRC clients and put more annoying advertising in their web client than was really necessary. Most of us stopped going there as a result.

Some weeks after this, Mike Whitaker (fleetfootmike) posted in asking if anyone every came there anymore, so I dropped by to let him know why we’d all left, but proposed that I could set up a private IRC server on my own server, and we could get folks to move there where we could control the access and keep out all the annoyances that public IRC space provides. He said “I’ll do you one better. We can both set up servers and network them together.” And that’s how FilkNet was born. (TalkCity is still there, but I have no idea who uses it.)

There are people who used to hang out on #filkhaven that don’t any longer, and I miss them (hint), but It’s still a great group of people that make my day better.


Long before there was World of Warcraft and Everquest, there were muds, mutli-player text adventure games. (There were also social online text games called MUSHes, of which Second Life is the current graphical descendant). Jedimud is one of the longest-running DikuMUDs still in existence, having launched in 1992 and run more or less continuously since. The game is still there today, though currently without a coder to continue developing it. (Anyone know a good, masochistic C coder?) Although I’m still the implementor, I really haven’t played the game in quite a while, but it remains the first online community I helped to foster, and many people important to me still make it a virtual home.


If you take all the people that I’m dating, and all the people I’m attracted to, and all the people from my past, you’d be hard pressed to find anything in common with them physically. But each of them is devastatingly intelligent. I’m attracted to smart people, and I was pleased to come across this word which coined my orientation so neatly. I don’t know who coined this one originally, but I snarfed it for my own use the moment I first heard it.

three weird sisters

Three Weird Sisters is an acoustic folk/filk band comprised of Brenda Sutton (ladyat), Theresa Powell (weirdsister), Gwen Knighton (telynor), and Mary Crowell quadrivium). They are all dear friends of mine and make wonderful, harmony rich music with interesting lyrics. I’ve played roadie for them in the past. You check them out on their webpage and on Myspace. Better yet, buy their albums. And their solo albums. And go to their concerts, and….sorry, got carried away. 🙂 They are fab, though. Check ’em out.


Unix is a computer operating system. Since I make a living as a Unix Systems Administrator, this is obviously something that i’m very interested in, though unlike some people, I don’t make a religion out of it. The Christians say that Jesus is coming back, but I seriously doubt He’s decided to manifest as Linus Torvalds. 🙂

zen tourism

I am notorious for refusing to make any more plans for a vacation than I have to. Making lists of things to do and schedules of when to do them make me cranky, stressed, and irritable. Since I’m usually more interested in seeing particular people than sights or events, I much prefer to show up, and then just do whatever seems like fun at the moment. I coined the phrase “zen tourism” to reflect this basic attitude of just going with the flow while traveling, and both the phrase and the attitude have served me well.


I think animals are nifty, and enjoy seeing them in person. Short of taking safaris, the best way to do this is to go to a zoo or aquarium. kitanzi and I Have been members of ZooAtlanta for some years, and pay extra for the family membership that allows us to take kids in; so we can play Aunt and Uncle to our extended adopted family when they come to visit.




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  1. I love the concept of Zen tourism -- it’s what I try to do too. (That said, if I ever get down to Atlanta again, I’d love to go to the zoo.)

    So are you taking requests to name seven interests for other people?

  2. If I remember it’s roots correctly sapiosexual was coined by a friend of mine that got tired of explaining his orientation and the fact he cared more about personality and intelligence than physical characteristics. In his case including gender. And if he didn’t coin it he probably knows who did.

  3. Three Weird Sisters has four members? I didn’t realize that. (Does that mean there’s a non-weird sister? Do they agree on who?)

    • Originally there were only three: Brenda, Teresa, and Gwen

      Then Gwen moved to England.

      So Mary was recruited as Sister 3A.

      Only, every now and then, all four of them get to play together again.

  4. Sapiosexuality was defined by , he talks about it here. Truly a marvelous word, I agree.

    You know, the Fort Worth zoo is really marvelous -- I’d love to show it to you sometime.

    I’d like to play, but I suspect everything on my interests list may be self-evident.

  5. Filkhaven

    How-exactly does one log into Filkhaven?

    This is probably best explained to me in direct email (this same username at Gmail) because you are going to have to give me step-by-step instructions.

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