Gwnewch y pethau bychain

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

I think we exhausted most of the good puns last year, but this year, My ITLAPD is a plea for fairness and bi-partisanship.

If we’re going to have International Talk Like A Pirate Day, in the spirit of the great Pirates Vs. Ninja divide, we need to have International Talk Like A Ninja Day.

So please, on International Talk Like A Ninja Day, try to be as silent as possible.


Isn’t It enough to know that I ruined a kitten making a gift for you?


Protected: Movie NIght Reminder


  1. >So please, on International Talk Like A Ninja Day, try to be as silent as possible.

    That means kill someone, right? Everything said on TLAND means “kill someone”. So who do we gots to kill?

  2. That icon is brilliant. Just sayin’.

    • I’ll second that piratical notion.

      (be vewwy vewwy qwiet. We’we hunting Wepwicants. hehehehehehe…
          — Hawwisson Fudd. Bwade Wunnuw)

  3. Another blogger suggested holding TLaND on September 19th, just to make the battle royale happen….

    (And you know about TLaTTD in December, yes?)

  4. Someone elsejounral said is was “Sneak Like Ninja” Day today.

  5. LOL!!!!!

    So when is this? And will my boss be okay when I don’t answer the phone? *g*

  6. Drat, I didn’t realise I’d been beaten to it.

    Oh well, 364 days to find a new avoidance strategy…

  7. Reading the post here, my eye caught on the term “bi-partisanship”. Since I was fairly certain that there was no hyphen in the term which meant cooperation between differing parties, I couldn’t help but to re-parse, and attempt to define this term. And the best I could think of was “bias against anybody who automatically dismisses half the potential dating pool.”

    Given the context, I wasn’t too sure about this. I mean, sure, pirates are often down with the “anything which, at some point, should have had two legs” thing, but ninjas are typically more solitary, only occasionally falling tragically for the warlord’s beautiful daughter.

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