Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Isn’t It enough to know that I ruined a kitten making a gift for you?

Sometimes, you come across a photo that, due to an oddity of perspective, makes it look like something much different than it really is. Such as this photo I came across while randomly blogsurfing today:

You like monkeys, you like kittens…. 🙂


DVD Update


International Talk Like A Pirate Day


  1. AAAAH! do I use the monkey icon or any of the cat icons?

    Shoot, this calls for Mad.

  2. Hey, why the shrieking laughter?

  3. Poor kitty. Hard to shake the monkey on his back, I guess.

  4. I feel kitty,
    Oh so kitty,

  5. Awww, how sweet: a monkey trained in proper riding technique (always mount from the left) 😉

    Me, I want to see the kitty do its bucking bronco bit 😀

  6. I like monkeys. I like kittens. I like photos!

  7. Monkii follow i home. I can haz keep him plz?

  8. Do your henchmen think you’re crazy?

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