Gwnewch y pethau bychain


Our plane tickets for OVFF have been purchased. Here’s our itinerary, in case anyone’s interested:

                                 Bkng                          Meals/ Seat/
Day Date       Flight     Status Class       City        Time  Other  Cabin
--- ----- --------------- ------ ----- ---------------- ------ ------ -------
Thu 25OCT DELTA 958         OK     T   LV ATLANTA       244P           24D
                                       AR COLUMBUS OH   415P          COACH

Mon 29OCT DELTA 6441*       OK     T   LV COLUMBUS OH   1149A          8C
                                       AR ATLANTA       128P          COACH

Looking forward to seeing everyone who will be there? Who’s coming? 🙂


Retail Therapy Weekend


Movie Night, sort of


  1. I hope to be there, with bass clarinet and Minimoog. And I hope to drag along and her flute!

  2. I’m not registered yet, but I’m planning to be there…

  3. , Katie, and I will be there.

  4. I’ll be there (obviously). *grin* I get in a little later than you on Thursday and leave again on Monday.

  5. With bells on! Okay, with banjola on.

  6. Sorry, but I’ll be busy prepping for OryCon.

  7. I’ll be there!

  8. Assuming all goes well, I shoudl be there this year. I miss everyone! -H…

  9. OVFF… OVFF… gee, that rings a bell… 😉

  10. I should be there unless anything unforeseen happens.

  11. Well, I’ll be there, of course. I’ll be working Reg this year. See you then!

  12. We’ll be there!

    I should also note that *I* will be flying directly from OVFF to Atlanta for a two-day meeting. (Probably leaving on the first flight Monday a.m., so I can at least make the BD’s run…)

  13. I’ll be there, Friday afternoon until Monday morning.

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