Gwnewch y pethau bychain


Sometimes, a person manages to have the perfect snarky comeback at the perfect time. Today, that person was my co-worker Jason.

I had gotten a spam message touting pharmaceuticals with the subject line “Basically, I can’t live without it.” The specific drugs listed for sale were Viagra, Xanax, Valium, Cialis, Phentermine., and Ambien. I mentioned this, and it led to this exchange:

Me: So apparently, this message is targeted at an overweight insomniac with an anxiety disorder and erectile dysfunction.
Jason: (deadpan) Typical American.



Hitting A Little Too Close To Home Dept….




  1. I recall one spam for Rogaine and Viagra (or, as I describe it, the Centauri Cocktail).

  2. Entirely FTW. *e-cookie for Jason*

  3. “Me: … erectile dysfunction.
    Jason: (deadpan) Typical American.”

    Um, typical of about half of Americans?

    Ann O.

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