Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Hitting A Little Too Close To Home Dept….

kitanzi found this via StumbleUpon.

Oh, yeah…


APPEAL: Pretty Little Dead Girl




  1. *laughs* *cries* *saves to screensaver pic file*

  2. Remind me to comment on this someday 😀

  3. Is there an icon-size of that?

  4. Ha!

    (Although I kept thinking your post said Home Depot, and I couldn’t figure out the connection for awhile there.)

    • Well, I’ve been neglecting to guy a can of Spackle from Home Depot for a month or more now, so it’s not off-topic…

  5. One of these days I’ve got to share this with friends.

  6. one of these days, I’ve got to make an icon out of it. 🙂

  7. I think that’s the most awesome one I’ve ever seen…

  8. LOL…pic of the day for sure…:)

  9. I keep meaning to procrastinate but never get round to it.

  10. Height? Width? Endurance?

    Um, sorry about taking so long to Comment on this?

    Maybe I’ll look on-line for a picture of that reportedly 49 inch dandelion in New Hampshire and plant it into your procrastination frame. Or maybe I won’t.

    Ann O.

  11. This is my new desktop. 🙂

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