I ended up taking the day off yesterday and today, and called yesterday to get an appointment with the doctor just to make sure I didn’t cause myself any more serious damage than my wounded dignity. They didn’t have an appointments available yesterday, but I was able to get one for 9:30am this morning. I spent most of yesterday wandering from the computer to bed to the couch, because being in any one place for very long (or indeed, in any one position) was rather painful, and what painkillers I had on hand just weren’t cutting it. I did have some leftover diclofenac sodium left over from my back problems last summer, so I was taking those along with Tylenol for pain as often as allowed.

Drove down the doctor’s this morning, and was seen fairly promptly. I had an appointment with the same nurse practitioner that has been managing my blood pressure and blood sugar issues; I actually think of her more as my primary doctor than my actual PCP. (In fact, I have to call my insurance company to select a new PCP, as Dr. K. has left the practice. They told me this when I was checking in, and I realized that this really wasn’t a bother, since in the 7-8 years he’s been my PCP, I’ve only seen him about 5 times. But I digress…).

After getting the blood pressure and temperature readings out of the way, she prodded and poked and moved me about to see where the pain reactions where. Luckily, I don’t have the kind of radiating pain down my limbs that she was worried about. She wrote me out some prescriptions for pain medication, and sent me next door for X-rays. This was, oddly enough, the biggest bother, since taking them involved lying on my back and being rolled this way and that. I hadn’t had any pain meds this morning, so I was pretty sore and annoyed by the time they were done, but not so much at them (they were very personable and kept the amount of prodding to a minimum, and what prodding they did needed to be done). He told me that I’d find out about the results probably tomorrow.

I went by the pharmacy to fill my scrips, stopped by Moe’s for some lunch, then came home, took the pills and ate. I watched a little TV, but when I realized I was actually not listening to Matt Groening talk about….whatever he was talking about on the Daily Show episode I was watching, I took the cue from my body and went to bed. I slept until kitanzi came home and got me up for dinner. We watched the Dustin Hoffman episode of Inside the Actors Studio, which was amazing, and then I played a bit of WoW to pass time until I could take another dose of meds and go to bed. Which I am now going to do.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the previous post and offered their well wishes and support. It means a lot to me to know that you’re all out there paying attention and caring.