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California, here we come…

So, no sooner had I returned from the UK, I booked another flight. We are officially going to Consonance. We’d been sortakinda planning this for some time, and I’d given our membership cheque to patoadam back at Gafilk, but until I was sure where the money situation was, I was reluctant to actually book the flights. But the flights are booked, so we’re definitely going to be at the con!

Here’s the flight schedule:

Day Date        Flight     Status Class      City         Time  Other  Cabin
--- ----- ---------------- ------ ----- ---------------- ------ ----- -------
Wed 28FEB Delta  629         OK     N   LV ATLANTA        255P  R     Coach 
                                        AR SAN FRANCISCO  515P       
Mon 05MAR Delta  836         OK     N   LV SAN FRANCISCO  211P  R     Coach 
                                        AR ATLANTA        943P       

We’ll be landing on Wednesday, and crashing with someone, possibly cadhla. Thursday, we’re driving up to Grass Valley to see kitanzi‘s father and stepmother, then back down to the Bay Area for the convention itself.

If you want to see us, the easiest way is obviously at the con itself, but we can try and fit a lunch in here or there if someone in the area who isn’t going to be at the convention really really wants to see us.

I’m looking forward to this trip. Believe it or not, this will be my first ever trip west of the Mississippi river, and (obviously), my first trip to Consonance, which has been on my list of Cons I Really Want To Go To for sometime.


New Song: Outbreak


Happy Valentine’s Day


  1. Woo hoo! See you there!

  2. Wow! I’m going as well, so I hope to see you!

  3. I think we will only be making Friday night and some of Saturday; we have plans in San Francisco Saturday evening.

  4. Ping me! I may actually end up on the ATL-SFO flight with you.

  5. Yay! I get to see you again!

  6. yay!

    you’re coming to visit, you’re coming to visit =)

    • Re: yay!

      I am, I am! And I want to see you! I miss you heaps and bunches!

      • Re: yay!

        so far i don’t think i have anything of importance scheduled for that weekend, but if you want me for a particular time, you might want to loan me a clue. i could attend part of consonance, but am unlikely to attend the whole thing.

  7. Hoorah! See you there. :{)}

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