Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Well, I guess it’s official…

  • Leave requested and approved….check.
  • Membership submitted to concom….check
  • Airline tickets booked…check.

Everything is squared away, and that means, barring the unexpected, I will be at the UK filkcon in February. I will be arriving on Thursday morning and returning on Tuesday, so it’s just a short jaunt this time, but I’m looking forward to seeing everyone.

kitanzi will not, unfortunately, be with me this time. We can’t really afford two airline tickets, and as much as she likes being over there, she hates the long flight. But she insisted on sending me as my Christmas present from her. So I will have lots of hugs to distribute on her behalf.

Looking forward to seeing everyone who will be there!


First Lines meme


Very Lord Meme the Memish of Memetown


  1. Excellent! I’ll see you there!

  2. Yaaay!
    I’m sorry we won’t be seeing this trip but I’m pleased we get you, and I’d be happy to collect and send a return hug for her.

  3. W00T! So, lots of hugs all around, you’ll get lots from us, and we’ll be sure to give you extra to take home to !!!

  4. Glad to hear we got you, sorry not to get Kitanzi as well. Where do you fly into?

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