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Sex Advice from a Dungeons and Dragons Player

Joel Johnson gives some frank and compelling advice on sex with an unusual perspective

My lover and I enjoy role-play, but I’ve gotten tired of the same cliché scenarios like student/teacher and boss/secretary. Any recommendations for new roles that might help spice it up

I don’t know what system you’re playing, but “student/teacher” and “boss/secretary” do not sound like choices that would inspire one to role-playing greatness. Consider a classic like “cleric of the watcher from the depths/virgin” or “half-orc paladin/gelatinous cube.” And remember, silken rope may be more expensive, but it’s nearly half the weight in encumbrance.

I’ve been dating someone really great for a few months, but he’s never referred to me as his girlfriend. How do I take it to another Level?

While the obvious answer is “Accomplish a story task in the boyfriend track for XP equal or greater to your next level threshold,” I get the feeling you might be hinting that you want to descend into the fetid labyrinth that festers beneath his ancient wizard’s tower. In that case the stairs are in quadrant M23, behind the Throne of the Kobold Hetman.

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Graduation Music Meme


Bill Amend to move Foxtrot to Sundays-only in 2007


  1. Ah yes, I saw that one and enjoyed it. I’m not surprised you did too.

    Hey, when are you going to post how us stalker-wannabes did?

  2. Oh this is very funny. I especially like the roleplay one…

  3. You know… Ed and I have a good campaign going but we could probably stand to up our collective xp… I hear Georgia is a good venue for that.
    (evil grin)

    Hugs! Thanks -- that’s highly amusing. “Orc/gelatenous cube” indeed!

  4. *ded*
    *so very very ded*

  5. Ok. It’s really sad when I understood every bit of that. 😉 Thanks for passing on the link. It was hilarious and I needed a good laugh. 😀

  6. The current storyline in OOTS absolutely fits this.

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