Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Pre-reg period for Gafilk 2007 ending soon!

Well, as the days grow shorter, it can only mean one thing: Gafilk is coming!

This year’s Georgia Filk Convention will be held 5-7 January 2006 at the Holiday Inn Airport North in Atlanta, GA,

We’ll be jamming in the International Ballroom this year with an array of fantastic guests from around the world. From Canada, Urban Tapestry is our Guest of Honour. Our Toastmistress is the legendary Linda Melnick, and our Interfilk guest is none other than Germany’s Summer & Fall. In addition, we have yet another exciting Super Secret Guest. If that wasn’t enough, all these people will be there too!

The Pre-registration period for Gafilk will end on Nov 30, so send in your membership now before the prices increase. We’re going to have concerts, “My Filk”, theme circles, and of course, the best open filk in town, with plenty of space in the hallways if you don’t like the rooms. Don’t forget to also get a ticket to our banquet, so you can dance the night away with Play It With Moxie, the Gafilk House Band!

Of all the filk cons to be held in 2007, this will be the first. Don’t miss it!


Be Nice to your Sister


Gafilk’s Super Secret Guest is…


  1. Waaah! Wannawannawanna come this year! *sulks*

    Oh well. Maybe 2008. Give everyone my love? I shall miss you all terribly…

  2. What? You say that somebody bought 4 plane tickets for us so we could go? How wonderful!

    ……… mew wakes up from a lovely dream…………….

    Oh. wasssat? Oh I meant to say “gee wouldn’t that be nice!??”

    But will we see you guys at FKO?


  3. So how come I see MY name on the list, and the Suttons’ names, but *not* yours nor ‘s? Hmmmmm?!?!?!

  4. I wanted to e-mail you a quick question--but don’t have your e-mail. Could you drop me a line at cat *at* Pretty please?

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