Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Ain’t no doubt in no one’s mind….

cadhla points to the anonymous love meme over in queenofthorns‘s journal. So I went and signed up, because everyone needs a little love. Even me. 🙂


How well do you know me?


Be Nice to your Sister


  1. You are the cuddliest guitarist I know, and you give *great* backrubs. Mmmmmm!

  2. From Mary to Rob

    AAAAwwwww! Here’s a big personalized *hug* from me!

  3. Well I am not going to be anonymous. Partly because it is just WAY too hard to find anyone in that.

    I think you are witty, smart, and cuddly. You also have delightfully diverse taste in music and books (and women). You also are one of the best flirters I know of. You know how to make a woman feel delightfully special but somehow you manage to make it clear that while “yes” would be lovely “no” is fine too.

    And finally you have excellent taste in life-partners. (grin)

    (and I used this icon just for you dear) 😉

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