Gwnewch y pethau bychain

TLAPD Observation

” I wash my hands in the presence of all these witnesses.”

No, wait. That’s Talk Like A Pilate Day…

“Roger, tower, Delta 886 now approaching runway six from the northwest at…”

Darn it, no. That’s Talk Like A PILOT day. One more time.

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti….

*sigh* No, that’s Talk Like A Prelate Day!

I’ll never get the hang of this….


This just in from the “That Would Be A Good Name For A Band” Department…


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  1. Oooook!

    OOK ook oook ooook-ook ook! That’s talk like a primate day…

  2. Arrrrgghh, there, matey! You be a silly one, ya be!

  3. Yes seargent! It is, seargent!

    Damn, that’s Talk Like a Private Day

  4. “Walk the plank! Walk the plank!”

    Luckily, Talk Like a Parrot Day is an subset of the main event.

  5. That was physically painful to read. However, you redeem yourself with your knowledge of Canadian bands, so I’ll forgive you.

  6. *swagger swagger flourish swagger*

    No, not “Walk like a pirate day” either.

  7. Anyone want a free copy of Photoshop?

    What? “Software pirate” doesn’t count?

    …but why is the ROM gone?

  8. You fool, I’m iron disulfide, not that relatively inert metal that you humans treasure so much!

    Oops--that’s Talk Like a Pyrite Day.

    Tappity tap-tap…Arrr! Avast ye mateys!…tappity tap

    Oh, no, that’s Type Like a Pirate Day.

  9. You’re so cute.

    I think today I will go knit like a pirate. Maybe I’ll do some arrrrgyles. Or knit a pirate hat.

  10. “Anise lightly coated with wormwood essence? Sure!”

    Oh…that would be talk like a about Pernod day.

  11. A few…

    “Repent! The End Of The World Is Near!”
    -- Talk Like a Prophet Day…

    “Diamonds are a girls best friend.”
    -- Talk Like A Carat Day…

    “Off On On On Off Off On”
    -- Talk Like A Dendrite Day…

    “Hey, hands off my hanging chad!”
    -- Talk Like A Ballot Day…

  12. “Polly wanna cracker!”

    No wait, that’s talk like a parrot day…

  13. “Mon cher Hastings, with ze little brain cells we can solve this mystery!”

    Talk Like a Poirot Day.

  14. “Republicans are putting gonorrhea in our sandwiches…”

    Oh wait…it isn’t talk like Ross Perot day…

    maybe, “meow”…not Talk like Piglet day either.

  15. “So… I was wondering if you’d like to get a drink later?”

    Talk Like A Pre-Date Day.

    “I swear to god, if these people don’t stop staring at me, I’ll just stop smiling!”

    Talk like a Portrait Day.


    Talk like a PunkRock Day.

    • And, because this one just dawned on me:

      “So… what are you wearing, hunh, sweet cheeks? Will you post pictures to your website?”

      Yes… it’s National Talk Like A Pervert day!!!!

      [Don’t look at me like that, sent me!]

      • That’s PERVECT! (Sorry, reflex.) *grin*

        I’d wondered where all the unfamiliar faces were coming from. *waves to everyone who’s dropped in*

  16. to quote Dave Barry…

    “As you can see, talking like a pirate will infuse your everyday conversations with romance and danger. So join the movement! On Sept. 19, do not answer the phone with ”hello.” Answer the phone with ”Ahoy me hearty!” If the caller objects that he is not a hearty, inform him that he is a scurvy dog (or, if the caller is female, a scurvy female dog) who will be walking the plank off the poop deck and winding up in Davy Jones’ locker, sleeping with the fishes. No, wait, that would be Talk Like a Pirate in The Godfather Day, which is another variation I considered (“I’m gonna make him an offer that will shiver his timbers”).”

  17. ‘All we need is some gasoline and matches and we can have a party!” — talk like a pyro day.

    ‘I’m making $52K at my new job.’ — talk about your pay rate day.

  18. “I can see your bunk through my telescope”.

    Oh, not Stalk like a Pirate Day, either.

  19. Thank you for making me laugh! Arr.

  20. blk

    Here from metaquotes.. you SO rock. 🙂

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