Gwnewch y pethau bychain

My cat is weird….

Overheard just now in our house:

“Dayna, you cannot gain the knowledge of humans by eating their magazines!”


Iowa Not Like Dar Williams Song, Report Disappointed Lesbians


The first time every I saw your face…


  1. What, never heard of learning by osmosis? 😉

    Why do you think cats sit/lay on everything, too?!

    • To give it a cat scan, obviously?

    • Because they read with their butts.

      • I knew it, I just knew it!

        (And, that really made me laugh!)

      • Ha -- that’s just what I wanted to comment… :o)))

        Nah, cats already know everything anyway; they really only do that to annoy us be closer to us… :oD

        Oh, and Rob?
        Because I’m obviously in the flow -- have I told you lately what a sexy bastard you are? :oD

        (Just don’t ask where that came from -- well; I told Hitch and the next thing I know is: I get a parcel with chips and a DVD -- so this is really just another go on my “Rob-Adoration-Schedule”. ;o))

  2. based on this theory -- Piglet is seeking wisdom of cardboard boxes, light switches and our fingers.

  3. Of course not! For that you have to eat their brains.

    Ann O. 🙂

  4. Is it the slick mags that she’s munching on? They have on the paper something like the stuff on photographs, which as I remember Dayna was also happy to leave precise teeth marks in. The cat is just weird, besides all that. 😉

    Btw, didn’t see y’all at the Heather Alexander concert on Saturday night at D*C. Was surprised. Saw some other local filkers, though.

    • We wanted to gome down, but my back has been bothering me, and we decided it’d be too expensive to rent a scooter on top of the other D*C expenses.

      Hope you had a great time, though!

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