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Crossovers That Should Not Be #1432

Amusing conversation just now in #filkhaven:

(10:19:39) *Beige_Work:* I suspect I should keep my hands out of Vargo’s pockets….
(10:21:17) *Hilary:* But what has it got in it’s pocketsesss, Golum?
(10:23:06) *doc:* Cheese, Gollum!
(10:23:15) *Gwen:* It’s the wrong trousers, Gollum! 😉
(10:23:16) *doc:* (Crossovers that Should Not Be #1432)
(10:23:42) *vargo_work:* Cracking ring, Gollum!
(10:24:00) *Gwen:* Oh, bad, bad, bad.
(10:24:02) *Gwen:* BAd.
(10:24:06) *Hilary:* Then where’s the WereRabbit?
(10:24:13) ****vargo_work* wants to see/read Wallace and Gollum now.


Song: Where’s the Filkcircle


Oh, I’ll forge ahead, there’s good things in life


  1. *brain hurts*

  2. OH, how I wish I still could do filkhaven….but my work-internet seems to be too slow to load the cgi client, and I don’t dare to load down anything…

  3. Ed says “That’s not right!” (as he whimpers with laughter)

    I say: I wanna see it!!

  4. I pulled the Diet Pepsi away jusssst in time!

  5. You don’t want that ring, lad. It’s not good for you. Go straight to your head.

  6. *laughs and shudders* Really, besides MarySuefic, crossovers are generally the worse. I know two brave souls who once in a great while go through the recent listings at and post a list of the most likely-looking ones, i.e. the ones that look the worse! One friend does it for SW stuff, and another does it for HP stuff. If there’s not someone doing that for the rest of the major fandoms, there ought to be. *winks* I generally stay away from the fannish wanking, but I have to at least spork the SW ones.

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