I actually got the idea for this song some time ago, but couldn’t figure out where to go with it. Then one golden day, it came to me, and I wrote it down and set it aside to polish later, then lost it. Going through a box yesterday, cleaning out the storage closet, I found it again, and set about giving it the polish I thought it needed. Enjoy!

Where’s the Filkcircle
by Rob Wynne
Music: “Where’s the Orchestra” by Billy Joel
© 2006

Where’s the filkcircle?
Wasn’t this supposed to be an SF con?
Here I am, wandering the halls
How the hell could I have missed rousing guitars?

I liked the masquerade
Even though I had absolutely no idea at all
What was being said in all the panel talks
There’s the big name fan
The leading pro who never left the audience

Where’s the filkcircle?
After all, this is my big weekend from home
My trip to faerie, or the stars to roam
I assumed that a con would have a song
So I was wrong
So I’ll just sit right here
And play my guitar softly in the atrium
Then slowly one or two
Stop to hear a song
Then sit and sing along

And after the con is done
And after the last dog falls
The last note calls
From an open chord
At the filkcircle