Amusing conversation just now in #filkhaven:

(10:19:39) *Beige_Work:* I suspect I should keep my hands out of Vargo’s pockets….
(10:21:17) *Hilary:* But what has it got in it’s pocketsesss, Golum?
(10:23:06) *doc:* Cheese, Gollum!
(10:23:15) *Gwen:* It’s the wrong trousers, Gollum! 😉
(10:23:16) *doc:* (Crossovers that Should Not Be #1432)
(10:23:42) *vargo_work:* Cracking ring, Gollum!
(10:24:00) *Gwen:* Oh, bad, bad, bad.
(10:24:02) *Gwen:* BAd.
(10:24:06) *Hilary:* Then where’s the WereRabbit?
(10:24:13) ****vargo_work* wants to see/read Wallace and Gollum now.