I think I only mentioned somewhat obliquely that my T-mobile sidekick broke back in September. At the time, I couldn’t afford to replace it, and so I just swapped my SIM chip into one of the old GSM phones we had and figured I’d look into getting another decent phone later.

Today, I finally went in to see what could be done. T-mobile no longer offers replacement plans on the phone, so the best they’d offer was a new phone at $X, with an extension of my contract. I haggled with the store manager and got it down to $X less $50, and brought it home.

Unfortunately, all my data from the old phone is long gone, which includes what was at the time my most current address book. So, If you’d like me to have your most current contact info, please put it in a comment to this entry (all comments are screened and will remain private), or send an email to me (autographedcat@gmail.com). I’d love to have the following info:

Postal address
home phone
mobile phone
e-mail address

Thanks in advance!!