Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Day: September 30, 2005

Pop Songs as interpeted by Thor

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10 Ways The CW’s “Riverdale” Cast Will Infuse Classic “Archie” with Scandal & Murder

The cast “Riverdale” shares what sets their characters apart from classic “Archie” comics. Full article here.

Wherein, you shall find stuff like:

Yon renowned fellow, let us kick it
Ho, everyone, cease, I prithee listen
Thor hath returned with a new invention
Something taketh hold of me most tight
Floweth like a harpoon day and night
Shall it ever end? I doth not know
Conjure the darkness and I shall glow
To great measure, mine voice is as a vandal
Brighten mine surroundings and snuff a life as though ’twere a candle
Yon mystic dance doth boom like a storm in motion
I bring death upon thee as like a black potion
Lethal, when I doth serenade thee
For any lesser tune wouldst be a travesty
Art thy affections roused, or dost thou flee?
Thou shouldst aim well, lest I forsake thee
If there be any ill, I shalt resolve it
Look thee upon mine hook while mine DJ revolves it


Ooh, mine beloved, knowest thou what that be worth?
Ooh, Valhalla art a place on Earth.
The minstrels sing that in Valhalla, love comes first
Thou makest Valhalla a place on Earth.
Ooh, Valhalla art a place on Earth.

EDIT: Due to confusion, I’ll point out that this is a pastiche of the Marvel Comics rendition of Thor, in which Stan Lee puts a high school production of Shakespeare through a blender on puree.

Today’s special

Two memes for the price of one. First, from tigerbright

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