Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Turn Your Hamster Into a Fighting Machine

Courtesy of . a guide everyone is sure to find useful:

Turn Your Hamster Into a Fighting Machine!

I think it’s the “Troubleshooting Tips” that really makes it.


The Tiniest Bit


Shakespeare Meme


  1. *hahahaha*snort*hahahahaha*

  2. Ok, quote for the day: “Don’t run with armed hamster.”

  3. *snerk* Poor little guys….

    “hamsterhamsterhamsterhamsterhamserhamsterhamster BADGER BADGER hamsterhamsterhamsterhamsterhamserhamsterhamster….”

  4. Never arm your fuzzy hamster
    Somethings sure to happen


  5. HAHAHAHA!!!

    Thank you! =)

  6. Mary Ellen Wessels would just like to say that she in no way endorses Hamster Death Machine Fighting. Any connection of her recording of “Give Yourself to Love” and Hamster Death Machines is purely coincidental and should not be taken as an endoresement of said activity.

    Thank you.

    (that’s … just… wrong! but really funny, I particularly like the drawing of the poor little hamster attached to the giant cleaver!) 😉

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