Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Amusing notion

I had the following fevered thought occur to me during a discussion of the upcoming Harry Potter novel on IRC:

“I know who the half-blood prince is!” Harry cried, as he lunged to tackle Ginny.

“Harry, what the hell are you doing?” Ron screamed. “That’s my SISTER!”

Harry yanked on Ginny’s hair. “Look closely, Ron. She’s a MAN, baby!”

–from the upcoming Austen Potter: International Mage of Mystery


They call me….Funky Badger


Down and Safe


  1. I just know that was a figment of my fever . . .

  2. *twitch*

  3. This is just wrong.

    I knew there was a reason I liked you so much.

  4. Bad man. Very bad man. 🙂

  5. I’m just worried about what happens when they discover that Mr. Wemmick is the ancestor of V.

  6. /me hits Doc with a large trout.

  7. You are a very sick puppy 😉

  8. Thank you so much for warping my brain.


    (Is it sufficiently geeky to point out that it has to be false because the Gryffindor girls’ tower stairs don’t let boys up? We found that out in a previous book when Ron tried to run after Ginny or Hermione or someone and the stairs turned to a slide or something like that. *grin*)

  9. *snorts*

    You should write the whole fic, man! *evil grin*

  10. You are a very very srange person.

    You are probably already aware of this, but it bears mentioning anyway.


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