Last year, a meme went around to post your LJ stats on new Years day, to keep progress on what you did over the course of the year. Here’s what I posted then:

Account type: Paid Account
Date created: 2001-06-22 11:31:42
Date updated: 2004-01-01 08:54:14, 2 minutes ago
Journal entries: 307
Comments: Posted: 1,863 – Received: 1,337

And here’s what the stats are today:

Account type: Paid Account, expiring 2005-11-02
Date created: 2001-06-22 11:31:42
Date updated: 2004-12-31 10:22:14, 3 days ago
Journal entries: 516
Comments: Posted: 3,851 – Received: 2,983
Friends: 296 Friend of: 253

So, that means I made 209 posts last year, 1,988 comments, and received 1646 comments. More active than in the past, but I’d like to write more here, so that gives me a base to improve from. 🙂

In other memage, I scored an 86 on the Nerd Quiz, though I was annoyed with at least one question. The “Do you telnet?” question really should have included an option that said ‘No, telnet is inherently insecure. I use SSH.’ 🙂