Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Best. Friends. Ever.

The other thing I meant to mention when it came except the evil workplace was eating my brain is that the card from the Wedding Conspiricy came. There was a lovely bit of art from Seanan, and a list of names.

Thanks so much to Alan Thiesen, Alexa Klettner, Angie and Brittany, Blake Hodgetts, Chris Croughton, Chris Mangum, The Contabile Fortean concom, Dave Alway, Dave Weingart, Debbie Ohi, DJ Bass, Erica Neely, Greg and Maya McMullen, Gwen Knighton and Joe Raftery, Jessica Prett, Jonathan Lennox and Merav Hoffman, Joshua Kronengold, Katy Dröge, Leah Smith, Lisa Ellis, Margaret Middleton, Marilisa Valtazanou, Marion Beet, Mary Bertke, Mary Crowell, Maya Amis, Bruce Adhelsohn and family, Mia Sherman, Mich Sampson, Ny Martin, Paul Estin, Phil and Lissa Allcock, The Quinze concom, Rick Hewitt, Rika Körte, Robert and Janet Maughan, Seanan McGuire, Shaya, Sherman Dorn, Terence Chua, and Valarie Housden…

And most especially thanks to our dear Naomi, who conceived of this crazy project and made it happen.

We have the bestest friends in the world.




Late Night Rambles


  1. *sings* “they are coming to England, they are coming to England” … *bounce* 🙂

  2. We Have The Technology. We Can Make It Happen.

    (Possibly not bigger, faster, stronger, but….)

  3. We have the bestest friends in the world.

    I think that’s OUR line, bro! *hugs you both*

  4. Many hugs!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That’s because you *are* the bestest friends in the world.

  6. crap! I could have swore I told Naomi to count us in but then when I didn’t hear anything forgot about it. Maybe I didn’t. Poot.

    Ok so good. What do you need for the trip? Probably just more money but maybe a gift certificate for a British bookstore (grin) 🙂


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