Gwnewch y pethau bychain

It’s all about meme.

stolen from lysana, among others.

What song, if any, reminds you of me?


Just In Time for Valentine’s Day (Part II)


Off to Boskone


  1. Any Beatles song (or filk of same), really. 🙂

  2. Lots, by now, but the first was probably Running Against Myself. *hug*

  3. If you go to the woods today,
    you’re in for a big surprise
    If you go to the woods today,
    you better go in disguise
    ‘Cause every bear that ever there was
    is gathered there for certain because
    today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

  4. “Why Do You Do The Things You Do?” from Man of La Mancha, but you knew that already. 🙂

  5. Never Set the Cat On Fire? 🙂

  6. Today? The .mp3 you found for me (because you found it for me, not for the subject matter). And that evil random earworm you committed on #filkhaven today, whose name I refuse to repeat. The Teddy Bear picnic song. And several random others I’m not willing to name here either 😉 -H…

  7. I’m afraid I have to say that it’s one of mine…and you know which one, I bet, w/o me having to tell you

  8. “Tangled Up in Blue”, because you sang it for me. 🙂

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