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Just In Time for Valentine’s Day (Part II)

I personally love Valentine’s Day. Yeah, it’d be nice if people gave special thought to the people they love EVERY day, but it’s still nice to have a special day set aside to honour your loves.

Having said that, for those of you who look forward to February 14th with the same sense of anticipation that upcoming dentist appointments and IRS audits provoke, here’s an online card site just for you:

The Anti-Valentine Card Site


Just in time for Valentine’s Day!


It’s all about meme.


  1. I don’t know whether this or the welding things are worse. *grin*

    I like Valentine’s Day, myself.

  2. hehe, i have to admit some of those cards were the kind i would send(i.e. the ‘don’t reproduse and the unimaganitive sentiment ones!)

  3. *giggle* *giggle*

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