Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Day: February 23, 2004

Magnetic Poetry

One of the things that kitanzi got me for Valentine’s Day was some magnetic poetry sets. We had picked up a special set from Dragon*Con a couple of years ago that had a limited set of fannish words, but we’d never gotten the base sets in order to have enough words to really play with. So they sat unused on the fridge for a long while.

To the fannish set, we’ve now added the Original set and the Erotic set, allowing for all manner of naughty thoughts to be formed. And after aiela put the idea in my head, we relocated all the magnets to the back of the front door, in order to have space to work.

It’s kind of fun to just scan over the words and see which ones your brain wants to put together. Almost Zen in practice…

Boskone (Sunday and Monday)

Wrapping up the weekend, there was music, food, more music, yet more music, good conversation, good snuggles, and all around a great time.

Welcome to the World

I have other things I want to write about, including wrapping up my Boskone report and talking about this weekend. But right now, there’s something just a bit more important to say.

Welcome to this spinning globe, Grace Batya Rivkis. May you discover it’s wonder in your time, and make your mark upon it. We are all of us blessed to live in the time that you arrived.

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