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Queer Eye For the Straight Baby

While we were over at Bill and ladyat‘s yesterday to pick up khaosworks, we stayed for about an hour while they finished their gift exchanges. Someone gave grandbaby Elliot a set of coordinated clothing, to which someone remarked “Obviously been visited by “Queer Eye for the Straight Baby”. This made me think of the whole craze back in my youth of things like “Muppet Babies”, and, well , my mind will go where it will:

BABY CARSON: (going through the nursary closet): Onesie, onesie, onesie, onesie. For god’s sake, people, don’t be afraid of coordinating pieces!

BABY KYAN: Your mom should always have two packages of pre-moistened baby wipes: one in the nursary, and the other in the bag.

BABY THOM: Are your parents colour-blind? Look at this room! My god, your poor thing, you’re going to grow up and have no idea how to put colours together.

BABY CARSON: (sticking his head out of the closet) Guess we’ll be back in 20 years!

BABY TED: You don’t have to eat store-bought baby food. Just get some good veggies and fruit, a little juice, and a blender. (tastes) Mmmmmmmm.

BABY JAI: After a hard day of crawling around, there’s nothing like plopping down on the floor in front of a colourful educational video, like the Baby Einstein series from Walt Disney!

BABY THOM: It’s going to take all day just to pick up these toys. You should keep them in bins, like these that I picked up for you from FAO Schwartz. They’re stackable, and easy to get into.

BABY TED: If you get a little spitup on your shirt, don’t fret. A little seltzer water will lift that stain right out.

Feel free to keep expanding on this utterly silly idea. 🙂


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    Dude. That’s FUNNY!

  2. Baby Jai: You wanted to learn how to dance, so let’s start with an easy one, OK? Now, you put your left foot in… no, your other left… good! Now, you put your left foot out…

  3. Baby Kyan: Don’t feel embarassed about that unsightly cradle cap. Rub on a little olive oil then comb and those flakes will come right out! Plus, you get a moisturizing scalp treatment.

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